Pretty Prints

During my college days I loved spending my time alone at cafeterias, few around me found it weird and it never bothered me as long as I was enjoying my time being myself. I have noticed the moments I spend on myself to be therapeutic. Every student functions through a sandwiched lifestyle with the burden […]

Bolted n Blue

Exhausted from my day’s affair I opened the door to my room to be greeted by the sweet and concerned meows from my Cara.She is the special one who keeps me occupied once I am back from work. It’s Thursday and the night seems to be dragging at a slow pace while I eagerly await […]

Leather Love

The impact of the awaiting season through the nature around is exciting, while the anticipated fashionistas are grooming for the Melbourne spring/summer fashion event which is round the corner. Florals of various stitch will embellish to the theme of the season here, while my style would be casual smeared in colors for the season would relate […]

The Day Death Unshackled It’s Tentacles From Me

Patriotic emotions were vocalising in the air as India was celebrating it’s freedom “The Independence Day” on the 15th of August,while at the same time few families including mine were disquieted to the devastating circumstances which chanced upon their lives. The joy of acquiring a holiday drafted our getaway to one of a beach known as […]

Gritty Grey

The abrupt closure towards my carefree life to a caged committed lifestyle is something I could not accept comfortably.The drastic change to a girl who lives her life to the fullest has been burdened with the priorities of moulding a career to fall back on.I have been jammed between work and my semester finals resulting […]

Grand Getaway

  The muted cellphone started wriggling to a private number that aroused a suspenseful thought within me concerning its anonymity. Hesitantly I picked up the call to be surprised by my cousin who landed up in Adelaide without any prior information. This loving surprise was much needed for me at a time when I was […]

Amazing Autumn Over Fading Fall

  Autumn is inevitably setting in much before the predicted forecast in the wooded surroundings of my home. Green leaves in the process of the fall displaying beautiful shades of red,orange and yellow. Following a promising  leafing it’s the time for a fall . Despite the fall, the trees stand amazingly tall with the beautiful […]

Fabric That Bar-coded Me

  The reality of getting confined indoors due to the intense heat during my short break at my country home was giving me a cramped feeling of wasting my university break.With overly protective grandparents around, it is a mountainous attempt to appease them for any adventurous trip.With the pretext of visiting my elder sister’s home […]

Magnetized Modishly In Marsalas

 Drawn towards the weekend emotions of freedom, I realize the reality of  getting caved in around mid week  with enormous volume of assignments and thesis.Despite of the heavy load of written work, I woke up with Marsala in my eyes and subsequently I tip toed into these Marsala heels. The color Marsala is the talk of […]

Palace In Ruins

An old caretaker in his 80’s greeted me at the huge fortified palace gates of Pragh Mahal Bhuj the capital town of Kutch district.His attitude appeared bright and cordial similar to his bright indigo coloured uniform.The city was ravaged during the earthquake of 2001 which left the area in shambles.The small princely town draws me habitually to […]

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