Fabric That Bar-coded Me


The reality of getting confined indoors due to the intense heat during my short break at my country home was giving me a cramped feeling of wasting my university break.With overly protective grandparents around, it is a mountainous attempt to appease them for any adventurous trip.With the pretext of visiting my elder sister’s home my mom,brother and me chalked out a getaway plan to the second largest lake in  Kerala known as the Ashtamudi Lake.It is the gateway to the backwaters which is 16 km long.

We totally depended on the navigation system as we were unfamiliar with the places and the streets.Our drive seemed to be never ending through the zigzag winding roads,while at a point we even suspected the navigation system. Finally we walked into the beautiful property of  Club Mahindra Ashtamudi,walking down the slope you get transfixed with the beautiful lake and the floating resort with mangroves and coconut trees covering the land.The floating restaurant and the floating cottages is worth every penny you spend. With the chirping of the birds and their flight back to their destination, my evening at Ashtamudi simply gazing at the sunset amidst the trees,water and land was a beautiful experience.

Despite of the humid environment I picked up this charismatic dress from Anita Dongre’s collection,since I fell in love with the combination of the color black set into the ivory shade. This is a gift from one of my good friend.Anita Dongre has an elegant range of collection with her style and fit being significant.I wouldn’t hesitate to prefer her line of clothing while browsing dresses for myself.

When I am moving around in a prohibited area with their culture barrier as an obstruction towards short dresses,I make sure to respect their culture and views towards their feminine agendas.Subjected during such scenarios I pair it up with an ankle length trouser,a jean or a skirt which I calculatedly carry along with me.



I Cling Fondly For : The dress is a  Monochrome shift dress  with a round styled neckline.The three quarter sleeves graces me in elegance, a center panel strip with the neckline is designed in black tone jacquard and two jet pockets.The dress is affordable and being simple and catchy I can wear it to the Corporate and to a casual hangout with my friends.

The Value of Fabric : The dress is made up of 95% Polyester, 05% Spandex.It is stain resistant and it hides all the sweat marks.Polyester is man made fiber so the blend with other fabrics like spandex makes is great for some occasions.

If I Could Change One Thing : It would surely be the fabric as I prefer breathable clothing.


I Wore: Anita Dongre Shift Dress

Bag:   Chanel

Foot wear: MFT COUTURE

Watch: Marc Jacobs




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