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 Ynn Graciouz Ztyle

My evolution to existence emerged to be named as Lynette . I evolve innovating, analyzing and designing technological techniques in conjunction with innovating, analyzing and designing my own personal style as an escape from my crammed existence.I easily adapted to the configuration of few programs that run me well which are called Fashion, Inspiration , Pet, Photography and Travel. For my secure run I have been installed with an antivirus called “The Bible” which scans, upgrades and blocks me while protecting my existence from getting crashed against viruses. The networking data processed here from Melbourne is user friendly keeping me ethically connected with your domain.

Although I am certified as Lynette Frantz ,I get cheerful when my dear ones call me Gracious and Honey, though both are my unofficial names. I thrive through prayers and personal style blogging .My personal style bag will keep you associated with me a small coastal town girl,raised in a marshy Island of  vibrant Kutch.

I easily adapted to being a Melburnian when I moved my destination to Melbourne for my demanding education subsequently I started documenting the journey here.

How did I end up naming my blog?   I groomed my name to be Ynn Gracious style 

What made me go after a tagline?   

 I love to impart the blueprint of  my lifestyle through the daily testimonials I endure  to exist. In this lifestyle journal, conveying to you through short letters and picture postcards with inspirations involving my role in the circus of life which consequently  directed me to name my blog’s tagline as “Letters and Postcard from Lynn’s Bag”


Conveying here is the essence of my lifetime that I hold dear to my heart which is known as

Style: I remember my dad’s message to me, you need not lavish rich clothes on your frame to look great, if you have a personality a torn shabby dress can captivate your presence.



Twelve years of schooling were the best years of my life. Why ?? I enjoyed being the clown in my school uniform for my classmates. I faithfully attended classes with the only intention of mimicking, fighting, troubling my friends and even peeping into the Nun’s coif to check her hair style.

After completing High School I was proud to own a Convent tag. There are moments when I still get goosebumps while humming to the tunes of our school anthem “A Happy Band from far and near Mount Carmel children gathered here”.

Glorious days of schooling came to an end pocketing a refined education with the consequences of friends getting scattered to different destinations and I continued with my Bachelor of Computer Application from my hometown.

I chuckle to myself every time when I imagine regarding the misconception few critics hold against me,I am perceived to be a mischievous mannered stylish dunce until I mention regarding me holding a dual specialization degree in Masters of Information Technology in System Analysis. You know this phrase suits appropriately for me“Do not judge a book by its cover”.


My Style

The experiences of getting dolled up is amazing and I believe style is inbred in every  personality. It gets relevant in a girl as they turn to the age of 3 to attempt their ramp walk in Mom’s stilettos, stole and a handbag sporting a bright smeared lipstick on the tiny lips looking into the mirror consciously for perfection.The birthing of getting impressive begins before a child could learn the alphabets while I have a couple of memories to bank on.

My style is being modest, inventive and attainable.I never follow fashion trends blindly since some trends get into the books of fashion history before the weave gets out of the looms. It gets outdated overnight.

I dress for comfort, to impress myself and to inspire others.You will never find any fancy footwear on my feet,as I have a collection of basic colors. I shop for Blacks,Whites and Tans which goes well on all the attires.

Dress elegant and modestly to be happy for yourself,prefer the best way to preserve the balance of your life and adorn the things that excel your persona.


Why am I here?

Unrelenting encouragement from my friends has placed me on a blogger’s dais.Facebook and Instagram provided me the platform for nine years to exhibit my hobbies.This space is labor of my passion in photography and my style hoarded since years.

Enduring various experiences while residing away from the family and the suffocating solitude to mould my career has resulted in motivating me to pen down my own inspirations into written expressions known as quotes and daily testimonials.

Please excuse me if I trip over an alphabet or a word in my written materials amidst my fast paced lifestyle.

It is my genuine hope that you will log off from Letters and Postcards from Lynn’s bag with inspiration and encouragement holding the desire to visit often to see me Ynn Graciouz Ztyle.


Final Notes

Dear friends!! I pray all of us stay genuinely graceful. I implore regarding our striving efforts on beautifying ourselves will be on what matters most to God and to the community’s social code of conduct.

Once we are beautiful on the inside,it will admittedly demonstrate on the outside. Have a beautiful day !! 🙂


Concluding with my  testimonial quote to inspire my visitors 

“I am a rider strapped into a cage of life’s giant wheel and it revolves around a horizontal axis, this wheel of life lifts me up in a thrill and lowers me down queasily. despite the loathful decline God sustains my internal joy and peace in this pleasure wheel”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 6th February 2017


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