Amazing Autumn Over Fading Fall


Autumn is inevitably setting in much before the predicted forecast in the wooded surroundings of my home. Green leaves in the process of the fall displaying beautiful shades of red,orange and yellow. Following a promising  leafing it’s the time for a fall . Despite the fall, the trees stand amazingly tall with the beautiful shedded leaves around. It is the nature’s style of displaying it’s role towards the amazing environment of the actuality compared to the canvas painting of the fall being traded in auction houses for millions.

Autumn leaves has drawn out the childish instincts within me  while I leaped into a pile of autumn leaves after a long time. I can see them crunch under my feet. Sometimes we need to set aside our routine activities

It is  an Amazing Autumn Over A Fading Fall, take pleasure sitting over the fall of  loosing a Job,House,Partner, Health and Wealth through this beautiful Autumn. Gaze with admiration at this beautiful world that we have been blessed to live in. Tune out the frightful fall. It is never too late to wake up from the fall of your various loses that promisingly grow to leafing your dreamy desires.

There is a time for a fall and there is a time for the leafing, seasons will glide in while seasons will glide past, Once our roots are deep and determined the shedding of the leaves does not matter, and to withstand the fall learn to enjoy the colors of the fall  leading to the promising leafing season.

“The last leaf from the chapter of your life may have fallen, remember there is an awaiting spring to glide in with blooming joy”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
20th March 2017



Autumn is the alpha that  signals me to my winter wardrobe preparation. I am all prepared with the quilted jackets I own to barge off to the woods. This year a grandma’s quilted coat was on the top of my list, I am happy for the quilted jacket since it is made with love by an old wrinkled hands.



The boxed design is unique and the jacket is shorter than the normal length I wear.Although the jacket is of loose-fitting, I am enamored with this jacket the only reason being  designed and handmade by an aged lady.



Formally structured for the cowboys and the miners during the period of 1800’s, jeans rapidly enthroned as a prominent product of casual clothing, distinctively adapted during the 1950’s. Movies have a great deal of share in prompting these jeans through the celebrities of yesteryear’s, and it invaded into the  wardrobes of all genders by developing a jeans culture which is still prevalent since centuries.

Jeans is the only material which never goes out of fashion. The jeans I am wearing is from Levi Old School Mom Jeans, Mom jeans are in these days while I am sure my mom would hate to see me in a high waist jeans.




When you dream of Dr. Martens you fantasize of the 1460 various Eye Boots. This style image comprises entirely on the genuine Dr Martens touch, which has originated this boot as a true original. The Signature Airwaves leather is bombed knocked out of the box, while it  softens over the period to adapt to the shape of your foot.Goodyear-welted construction relates to the way it is traditionally made, these boots are stitched to endure by sewing accompanied by heat sealing the sole to the upper for a long lasting sturdiness. The slip-resistant sole and air-cushioned heel intensify traction and relaxation.

You can sport it polished or natural, reckoning on your style. Classic 7-eyelet lace-up front gives me perfect fit all the time. Explore your choice through diverse colors and designs to obtain the perfect pair to correspond with your feet.



The Italian bag I am holding on materializes for both students and commuters. This attractive, soft Italian tribal bag is soft to touch, strong on organisational power and it is easy on the eyes. The bag is roomy and stylish for people who hang around their electronic devices everywhere.




I Cling Fondly For : The Jacket is handmade quilted cotton  with a round  neckline.The full sleeves protects me from the light wintry evenings.The long jeans is folded above the ankle its simple and catchy. The high waist is comfortable,I wear it as a street wear. The black top is from Levi.

The Value of Fabric : The jacket and the black top is made up of pure cotton.

If I Could Change One Thing : The size of the jacket is a loose-fit for me. I have worn low waist jeans all my life, so I was feeling awkward though comfy in high waist jeans.


Bag:  MLAG

Boots:  Dr Martens

I Wore: Grandma’s Jacket

Sunglasses:  Rodeo Drive Collection

Watch: Marc Jacobs

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