Denims and Dream Machine

Arriving back home hunched over my laptop posting images and few lines here to be in contact with each one of you. Resembling a croaking frog singing away its freedom I hopped in and hopped off few trams sporting these white sneakers. I intensely dislike my feet forced into this undersized footwear,the hint being smart shopping wins […]

Faded Jeans, clear memories!

Finally a time consuming crazy week of work,uni and activities came to an end. I awakened to the ring on my cellphone. Moomba Festival was in the city and we preset our evening program. Thanking God for some caring friends.My hobby being photography I never skip the opportunity to play with the camera.I reached Collin’s […]

Beyond the black

Globally where every individual wishes to flaunt off their charisma through different shades they don,the color black brands a blunt communication and Distinctively surpasses all.All of us evolve around our own preferences, and Black is the color I target automatically while I shop. Getting tangled in blacks once again I landed with my friend for […]

Denim Dominates

Denims dominate my life through all the seasons.I love to be in this styled Shirt tagging along a blue denim bag to little Bourke Street in the city a place to experience the culture.You may doubt about being in China once you are there. Tuesday, the 26th April 2016~ Lynette x  

Head over Heels!

Hey Pals Good evening from the city of Melbourne. It was summer of 2015/Oct 19th I was attending my university. As usual the semester burdens of assignments and projects were mounting on me forcing me to escape the pressure. I heard a distant bell for the lunch break giving me great relief.I aimed to Glenferrie […]

Style Song Of The Spring Season

I sprang up towards the balcony to the vibes of the spring joining my cat lovingly called as Pepper.It was a habitual affair to spend few of our moments together in the balcony before I get engaged to my affairs for the day.The trees were blossoming around and the lush green grass in abundance all […]

Nomadic Nostalgia

Dominantly the district of Kutch has captivated the trust and support of people across the world with its exceptional handiwork which is  attributable to the diversified ethnic groups colonized throughout the land. Migrated from different regions and countries the tribes devotedly cling on to their skills preserving it within the community and their families through centuries […]

Rejected Railroad

Digging through my photo journals I came across these pictures taken few years back on an abandoned track. At the sight of these tracks my memories retrieved back to an episode which happened a year ago. I never imagined in my wildest dreams to ever wake up  to a traumatic call concerning with the accident […]

The Red Walled Blunder

The day my perfectionist mind aligned with my foolish decisions it disoriented me from my visualized concept, it proves my human mind can be deceptive if I submit my desires to an emotional decision.Nevertheless I cannot overcome the thought of me leaning on to the red wall for the entire period in these pictures, What […]

Corporate Calling

Black the color,  under no circumstances calls out for any season or a reason to display its supremacy. In the circumference of colors, occasions and seasons it authoritatively projects significantly proclaiming “I am the one”.Black remains my eternal favorite. I had been recently invited by my manager to a corporate party and consequently my thoughts […]

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