Beauty Bounded In Black

Dad’s gruff call echoed out my name loud above the music and our laughing to my enacted mimicry connected to all the people I come across during my routine day. We sisters followed this daily pattern of spending our noon to the closed doors of our room,there are days when I used to grab her new tunics and try it on with the intentions of troubling her while she was busy finishing her kitchen chores.

It happened to be one of the noon as mentioned above and I was trying her new beautiful black cotton tunic known as the Anarkali without her knowledge only with the intentions to see this grown up sissy tearfully complaining Mumma Mumma. I used to laugh over her insecurities over her clothing, Dad’s call was robbing away my time of fun and I rushed out as an obedient child,my dad looking at me in this long tunic comments you know darling these clothes don’t look good on you .He said Honey you look best in your casual jeans while I winked at him notifying that my purpose was something else, he winks back to say Oh Honey girl you look fabulous in this design. I am my Dad’s girl.

The glorious past would never slide back to the present, while it has surely strengthened our bond within the family due to the quality time we spend with each other. My family always preferred interactions within the family rather than getting glued to the Tv screen.

The days are drastically proceeding towards a robotic lifestyle where men and machines are invading the true sense of ethical lifestyle. Would you allow invasion of desolation into your life,addiction to the technological world would assuredly bring you to a state of isolation which is known as “Solitude”

My tunic called Anarkali is a form of design worn in India and Pakistan.The dress I am wearing is from my favorite hometown shop called Kutch Art Emporium,the shop has an enormous collection of both hand and machine embroidered materials.

My ankle length trouser is from Mars,the fabric is rayon which is light weight for my taste.

Footwear is from my hometown shop called Veronna.

The sunglass is from one of my favored brand Vogue.

Tunic- Kutch Art Emporium, Trousers- Mars, Sunglasses – Vogue,

Shoes -Veronna


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