Belle In Blue

A Belle in blue, seated high on a cliff  enjoying the freedom of life travelling without the burdens of the world to follow her. Ticking away at the present conquering it one day at a time., I acquire motivations through traveling which has coached me unceasingly to release my past circumstances and move ahead to new situations.

Many of us are seated on a high cliff resembling the rebellious belle, with egoist mental attitude assuming the world to be under their feet which would stagnate them into carcasses, resulting to a terrible stench that salute nostrils around. The terrible stench alienates personalities from carcasses. People are important whoever they might be. Around the world most of us are constantly fighting, trampling and tormenting on the pretext of acquiring selfish aims for our future neglecting the people who are trying hard to coordinate with life. While we are aware of the fact that none of us are  guaranteed the next sunshine. The present is all what we have without the guarantee of our next heart beat. 

We are all travelers in diverse conveyances to reach our desired destination, while I have dedicated a great deal through different modes and paths in my journey to reach where I am. Every person is assigned with a journey, the experiences I endure may be a contrast to what others are braving it out. A comfortable life or a spoon fed life is a miserable pathetic life where you diminish without acquiring the lessons of enduring various rigorous situations. I am happy we all are working it out.

Blogging  my thoughts and styling my pattern of living here is functioning well for me. I found out a the best way to exploit my time through penning down words from my thoughts. The indefinite journey petrifying while I do own my testimonials of breakdowns. 


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