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Exhausted from my day’s affair I opened the door to my room to be greeted by the sweet and concerned meows from my Cara.She is the special one who keeps me occupied once I am back from work. It’s Thursday and the night seems to be dragging at a slow pace while I eagerly await the approaching weekend. All my pending work has been completed a bit early tonight and having nothing to do I got involved for my weekend preparations which I had planned since few weeks.

Last two weekends I stayed at my friends home since it was close to CBD and my concerned work could easily be accessed. Meanwhile during my stay I set apart few hours teaching vital tips and tricks to my friend so I could confidently rely on someone who is easily accessible.The preceding photo shoots on my blog  during the weekends certainly lured me to the addiction of setting apart and devoting my future weekends for the same passion. Now that I am trapped with the desire of blogging and I certainly reason out my addiction towards it which proofs to be genuine without harming my overall personality and integrity, choosing to spend my precious hours in a right way matters to me the most.

Weekend is rolling in, and I am trying to fit into the seasonal attires.My wardrobe is wide open for Cara to be occupied with her fidgeting, unraveling all my folded clothes to the floor. And there falls a short printed navy colored dress which I bought from a local store. It’s unbranded with the material being not up to the mark,this  short dress won over me for the imprints it holds.The dress being short I would surely feel uncomfortable going around in it as I have never tried getting into a short dress, so the only option for me is to team it up with a stocking ,trouser or a jean.I preferred stockings for my weekend outings while gracing it with tanned boots for my feets to glide in. The jacket has a beautiful stitch with a superior quality from Forever New .Now the only stuff left out was the bag, I have this raw camel leather hand stitched bag lying around since few months and I think it would equate well with my boots. This bag is special to me for it is crafted and handstitched by the local artisans from my hometown.

I prefer to walk around in these boots during heavy winters as they are soft and comfy.Much care is needed for these pair of boots to last long, dust every area neatly and polish it off till I see my reflection before storing it away. My way of cleaning also includes with the polishing of the sole,so whenever I use it in near future I would surely have the feeling of wearing a new one.

The above paragraph surely connects our approach with the people we interact during the course of our day. In the similar manner we need to take utmost care of the people whom we are close too, while also making an effort by dusting off the pains and polishing to the needs of the underprivileged souls. To keep the relationship going we need to repair,resole,dust off, polish and preserve it in a treasured way to mirror our reflection in their smiles.Have we ever dusted and polished lives when they needed us?

Although my blog represents fashion I would forever love to fuse it with inspiration. It’s my way of embellishing it.


Dress: Local,Jacket: Forever New, Sunglasses: Local, Bag: Kamir, Boots: Random Lane Vintage Store, Rings:Nanavati

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