Saddle up and Gallop valiantly towards the Cup

Saddled up and hopped on to hear the ambient sound of the rhythm from the hoof beats cutting through the wind imparting an enthusiastic environment. While I was awestruck and speechless holding my breath along with the spectators at the nerving moments as the clock was ticking each second of impatience away.Warriors on the track […]

A Ballad in my Boots

Stomping through my leather tanned boots on South Yarra streets I was impatiently waiting at the tram stop close to a pedestrian walkway, flanked by the street lamps and surrounded by numerous street stylers who envision the streets as their only ramp walk. I was one among them in my Forever New sunglasses dressed in […]

Catwalk with me in Scottish vintage

The trait of leaning away from the present to the past Vintage style of dressing is constantly prevalent with the instant desire which ignites through the thoughts of the lifestyle from medieval times in me. En-clothing myself in this Scottish checkered skirt and bell sleeved knit top definitely connects me to their country life. The […]

Shades of Winter

Once upon a time my little fingers kept turning to the glossy thick leafs of the Vogue, Elle and Maria Claire magazines.The pageboy used to drop few editions of Interiors and Exteriors along with few Style publications every month.We had this cute wooden magazine rack sitting in the corner of the porch with few editions […]

Talk linens with Lynn!

The force by which certain style and clothing pulls you strongly by some psychological or physical direction lingers towards it until you try hard to own it.I have lived through such situations a number of times. It was during one of my trips to Agra,unfortunately we planned a summer trip which turned out to be […]

Bandana Girl~

Waking up late on the second day of this week has engulfed me with a dread spirit due to lots of chores jamming on my list . Out on the streets August showers lament over me and over the streets. Melbourne weather has its own crazy unpredictable swings appropriately compared to a women’s mood swings. […]

Denims and Dream Machine

Arriving back home hunched over my laptop posting images and few lines here to be in contact with each one of you. Resembling a croaking frog singing away its freedom I hopped in and hopped off few trams sporting these white sneakers. I intensely dislike my feet forced into this undersized footwear,the hint being smart shopping wins […]

Faded Jeans, clear memories!

Finally a time consuming crazy week of work,uni and activities came to an end. I awakened to the ring on my cellphone. Moomba Festival was in the city and we preset our evening program. Thanking God for some caring friends.My hobby being photography I never skip the opportunity to play with the camera.I reached Collin’s […]

Beyond the black

Globally where every individual wishes to flaunt off their charisma through different shades they don,the color black brands a blunt communication and Distinctively surpasses all.All of us evolve around our own preferences, and Black is the color I target automatically while I shop. Getting tangled in blacks once again I landed with my friend for […]

Denim Dominates

Denims dominate my life through all the seasons.I love to be in this styled Shirt tagging along a blue denim bag to little Bourke Street in the city a place to experience the culture.You may doubt about being in China once you are there. Tuesday, the 26th April 2016~ Lynette x  

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