The Day Death Unshackled It’s Tentacles From Me

Patriotic emotions were vocalising in the air as India was celebrating it’s freedom “The Independence Day” on the 15th of August,while at the same time few families including mine were disquieted to the devastating circumstances which chanced upon their lives. The joy of acquiring a holiday drafted our getaway to one of a beach known as […]

Palace In Ruins

An old caretaker in his 80’s greeted me at the huge fortified palace gates of Pragh Mahal Bhuj the capital town of Kutch district.His attitude appeared bright and cordial similar to his bright indigo coloured uniform.The city was ravaged during the earthquake of 2001 which left the area in shambles.The small princely town draws me habitually to […]

“The Goodness Of The Gadhvi Clan”

Living amidst concrete jungles,I frequently get inclined to the basic folksy life style.My experiences of     adventure around the various types of  barns due to the numerous tribes living within the district are the only memories that linger in my  mind . My dad is on the heavier side and his increasing weight had taken […]

Gentle Gaints

The bond towards the beach and the sand takes me often to the prominent Mandvi beach. Mandvi is another princely town and a wonder in itself. Everything from buildings to sidewalks are ancient .Whizzing past the the old city through the narrow crowded lanes over taking camel carts,rickshaws,hand pulled carts and donkey carvans we reach […]

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