Corporate Calling

Black the color,  under no circumstances calls out for any season or a reason to display its supremacy. In the circumference of colors, occasions and seasons it authoritatively projects significantly proclaiming “I am the one”.Black remains my eternal favorite.

I had been recently invited by my manager to a corporate party and consequently my thoughts traveled  to the yesteryear when I clothed these corporate dresses.  I clicked these pictures few years back wearing a black pencil skirt and pairing it with a puffed pink shaded beautiful top.

Today I am flashing the same amazing top, particularly which I consider is really perfect for a business environment. The pink shade merged with the color grey is catchy comprising a  different combination it further glued me towards it. Usually I am a girl who avoids plain pink, I cannot figure out my dislike towards the shade, however I truly loved the merging of both pink and grey colors, the only reason it captivated my heart.

In the same manner when I consider connecting the concerned practicality towards our life style, dealing with this world single-handedely in certain affairs will not benefit the desired results. At-times you need to merge with stronger personalities to obtain captivating results. Plainly isolating oneself will be a destruction to your own survival. Merge with God,merge with right kind of  people for a perfect combo, persevere connectivity with both.



Calvin Klein’s pencil skirt is a requirement to a versatile wardrobe. The satisfying style profiles with the body for a feminine look. Appropriate for a day at the office or an evening out, this skirt balances authoritative style with a contemporary silhouette.


Tucked in a pink and grey chic blouse is tailored from 2001, The blouse is from our vintage wardrobe



The leather pumps are from Woodlands 2010


The sunglasses are Rayban




Footwear:  Woodlands

Top: Tailored

Skirt: Calvin Klein

Sunglasses:  Ray-ban

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