Cow Girl In Her Cargos

Monsoon clouds were drifting  away over to the Arabian Sea giving me the opportunity to attend my evening tutorials. On my way riding speedily with the pressure of board exams mounting on my head, I saw few horses grazing which wasn’t a normal sight at our place.Interacting with the Kutchi Cowboys, they let me know about their presence in the vicinity would be for a short period of days as they were from the migratory Maldhari community.With the promised assurance of  seeing them the following day at the same time and the same place I rode off highly elated to attend my classes.Now do you suppose I was engrossed in those lectures? I was day dreaming viewing the picturesque description of me with horses.
I am a novice regarding the knowledge involved with the  horses and it’s breeds.I rushed back home to inform my mother about the Surkotada horse, the name to this breed  as informed by the cowboys has been derived from the village named Surkotada situated in the belt of Harappan civilisation. Looking at our Kutchi cowboys,I thought why not be a cowgirl for my evening photographic session with the horses and the setting sun.

I disliked wearing jeans during my teens due the rough heavy material.If you own these distinctive cargo shorts,the  inclination towards your choice between comfort and style remains in foremost priority against other attires. Cargo shorts have many handy pockets so for me they rate higher than regular shorts.Washed out cargo shorts from Dockers, Levi’s,Old Navy and Pepe Jeans used to be constantly preferred by me. My opportunistic leanings towards cargo shorts rescued me from jeans and synthetic apparels in those days. Few judge regarding Cargo shorts not being cool any more while that does not affect me considering to the fact it provides towards  my comfort.Why did I prefer Cargo shorts over all the rest? I am blessed to have buttered fingers,I am good at dropping things and loosing anything and everything.I perpetually wore them boastfully with the confidence since I had room for all the things I required right through the day.

This post is from my “Travel Folklore covering Kutch Adventure” clicked on 21/5/2011

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