Deserted With Her Desert Storm

December has set in, the season all of us anticipate as the year draws its curtain down with a fortnight of holidays with love, joy and hope towards a brighter year. 

This month keeps me engrossed with short of breath due to the various lined up activities. I was in the thick of it with rehearsals, stopping over at the old care and the mental asylum to be with them promisingly to share all the family love they needed.This is one my favored voluntary vocation since I understand we are implanted here on this earth to adopt the responsibility of sharing our privileges among our fellow citizens by supporting the needy a hand leading to a hope of survival.

I plunged into the season with the intentions of representing joy and to be a reason for a smile around my environment. 

Being grateful for a blessed life and for all the needs I have. The formula of a blessing according to my concept is having peace,love and joy despite of financial instability. Wealth never provides joy and peace. There are enormous wealthy families brooding a pathetic life. Abiding in Christ with obedience to His guidance to the keys of life certainly gives peace.

This season I have reserved few days to be thankful for the people by spending some quality time with them. I do not wait for a Thanksgiving day to express my simple gesture, in fact I construct paths leading to the homeless everyday just to let them know I am living to share my gifts to those who cannot think off.You need not be rich to spread hope, you can be the reason for someone’s hope of living from your meagre kindness.This is the prime element from the season of the gospel we follow.

This Christmas after my hectic weeks I took off towards my routine addiction. My town is stuffed with the glittering holiday decor right now in the hotels,farms and homes. I love heading to the badlands, with my camera, strolling the place at sunset when the Christmas lights  light up back in the town. The families who celebrate have festive wreaths on their front doors.  The season of Christmas in it’s whole is enough to derive joy our hearts. Subsequently I picked up the color of the season which is known as red.

Christmas is the only season when I’m under a spell with the color red while I will be presenting various shades of red mixed with my favorite beige and striped pieces. Generally we hold on to various clothing in our wardrobes gaining us to pull out while mixing and matching embodying  fashion suitable for an festive outfit. My calculated mind voices to a significant style which intends “The simple I dress the more elegant it presents”. Finally keep scrolling for my poses in Chantilly full sleeved top paired with ankle length red trousers along, I guess that’ll absolutely look stylish and chic.



This Completely sheer vintage rare beige full sleeved Chantilly is from Queen Anne Lace with ruffled turtleneck collar. This beige Chantilly lace top is over modest and boldly daring. It has Layered construction and helps the romantic design to recall decades past. While the top is gifted  from my grandma’s bridal wardrobe collection from the 1950’s.











The women in Ralph Lauren will be happy to clothe this design as a street-wear or to the parties.

Stitched from a quality stretch twill fabric and designed to a cropped length, this mid-rise design boasts a concealed left side seam zipper, two buttons at the left waist, and creases running down the center front and back of each leg.










I Wore: Top Vintage Grandma’s treasure

Pants:   Ralph Lauren

Foot wear: Caiman 2005

Sunglasses: RayBan


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