“The Goodness Of The Gadhvi Clan”

Living amidst concrete jungles,I frequently get inclined to the basic folksy life style.My experiences of     adventure around the various types of  barns due to the numerous tribes living within the district are the only memories that linger in my  mind .

My dad is on the heavier side and his increasing weight had taken a  toll on his knees.Dad is friendly with an aged wise man who had expertised in homemade herbal medicines which relieved him from his knee pain.The appointment for his monthly programmed visit to the interior village was due near Mundra,while my love towards adventure motivated me to accompany my father which was a distant drive from our hometown.

We reached the developing port town of Mundra and diverted our wheels to the narrow rocky country roads navigating us to the Gadhvi community. The remarkable drive was through the thorny babul trees and crossing the dry river to arrive at the main farm land.Nestled around with the dry thorny fencing was the homeopath’s home,his dwelling is surrounded by his own extended family members.I inquired about their clan,culture and lifestyle.A family of 33 encircled me out of excitement to provide with their hospitality.Imagine sacrificing their time and work to be amidst us to engage me with their lifestyle for a day. We had a collective lunch hour prepared by them on firewood .They dressed me up into their Gadhvi outfit for a memorable photographic session along with a bullock cart ride.The country side inhabiting in its own glory enriched in the basics of Eco friendly natural life,at present it is the prevailing trend that urbanized generation conceived by splurging money for longevity and good health by going green and herbal in all fragments of their lifestyle.

“Time flies like an arrow” and it was the moment to wish goodbyes. Looking back at whole gang encircled within the thorny babul hedging with their beautiful smiles, waving me out with good wishes with the hope of seeing me back again to their enclosure.Is it not true Roses bloom in the midst of the thorns ?? Living together peacefully owns its own credits,referring at the strength of the joint family system jogs my memory to the phrase “United we stand and divided we  fall” .The warmth and love lavished towards the unknown strangers are still existing in the country side comparatively to the apathetic urbanized cold-hearted lifestyle.Wandering through nature is the lifeline which  keeps me surviving during my hectic days ,I acquire great delight in being a wanderer .

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