Grand Getaway


The muted cellphone started wriggling to a private number that aroused a suspenseful thought within me concerning its anonymity. Hesitantly I picked up the call to be surprised by my cousin who landed up in Adelaide without any prior information. This loving surprise was much needed for me at a time when I was drawing the curtains down towards my final university exams. Each one of us have experienced the void mess which mounts with fear during the final moments of our assigned affairs. I was missing the support of my family and  at the right moment Daisy flew down for few days to be with me which proved to be a comfortable relief.

Weekends were drawing near,we chalked out our plans regarding our trips around the city including a grand getaway to the Great Ocean Road. Since the morning was cold I opted for a sleeveless red plaid customized handstitched overcoat along with jeans from Jealous21 and a full sleeved cardigan from H&M. My choice of shoes for this day was Adidas since I was totally aware of my feet being on the move. My choice towards clothing would always be for handstitched patterns esp by older generation.

This was my third trip and I never get tired of revisitations to the Great Ocean Road.The scenery along the stretched out coastline is speechless.You would surely enjoy the whole drive with its flora and fauna,kangaroos and Koalas. The massive rocky formation in the belt  is an impressive site standing tall with the waters playing touch and go.

The solid rock formations known as the twelve apostles withstanding the low and the high oceanic tides strikes an amazing lesson to be grounded firm in our daily strides.Isnt this motto a great grasp concerning our motives projected from the environment around us?




 Jeans – Jealous21

Sleeveless Overcoat- Handstitched

Cardigan – H&M

Shoes – Adidas

Sunglasses- Police



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