“Emoting Endured Experiences Through My Quoted Expressions “


The past two years I have been grilled thoroughly while boarding numerous carriages relating with varied personalities holding numerous temperaments with them alighting at various destinations, boarding into the present carriage my journey isn’t wobbly any more with these wonderful constructive commuters. Being genuinely grateful to these special ones!!!
Lynette Gracious Frantz
24th October 2017






“A simple pedal over sophisticated gears will withhold your active health cycle”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
15th October 2017






“Keep rowing without sinking to the fear from the sea of problems, we will never reach the shore with our catch if we target on the depth and desolation”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
7th October 2017





With the wind and the sun on my back I am exhilarated trekking up to the cliff down from the valley in sheer joy, motivated and inspired for the rest of my life time knowing that the obstacles from the valley to the cliff is mountainous on the other hand the beauty of sunshine amidst the rain and the rainbows from cliff is rewarding.
Lynette Gracious Frantz
6th O7ctober 201





“You can triumphantly climb to the peek of any mountains if you have survived your walk through the valleys”

Lynette Gracious Frantz
1st of October 2017



“When you are drifting away abandoned in the depths of despair and dismay, take courage for there is a promising rainbow overhead for each one of us”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
1st of October 2017






“The source to the supplements for my soul is scripted through HIS hands ‘If’ I run into his presence”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
10th September 2017






“A vagabond’s vision captivates entirely vintage stuff through Vintage frames”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
5th August 2017






“The Rise after every Fall comprises of walking alone through dried trees on dead roads”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
30th July 2017





Lacking Breadth of Vision!






” It’s better to opt for patience over panic when you glimpse a blurry future against your desired will, wait patiently for God is still working on it.”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
24th July 2017 






Are you subjected to inferiority complexed mindset? Never get arrested to underprivileged state of mind, for we are all created apart of each other holding significant pattern of thumbprints special and superior for a purpose.
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
19th July 2017 






“Folks flee away from thistly thorns, on the contrary I have been hurt by blooming blossoms”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
16th July 2017






“Each one of us hit the crossroads of life at multiple times, the ultimate choice we make at the pause of the red signal either takes us to the road of devastation or to the road of enhancement”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
15th July 2017 






“There are moments when we accumulate junks in our life which causes a rustic obstruction to our seating that hold a promising future”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
14th July 2017 






“We are all captives tentacled by the hands of the Clock” 
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
13th July2017 






“The world would have been a better place if each of us owned a luxurious heart that melts away like the scented soap to beautify the plight of the oppressed lives”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
7th July 2017






“Few acquired the whole world and lost their sleep, while few lost their whole world and yet acquire sound sleep” 
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
6th Of July 2017






“The nosey telescopic critics are an intergral part of my daily path and the primal reason for me being confident, fearlessly strong and stubborn to aim higher “
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
4th July 2017






Memories and moments to treasure has always been on my bulletin as I believe my present moments flip to past with the sun setting at the horizon creating my memories to recall at the new dawn.
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
1st July 2017






“Ride away from your messy past to a miraculous future”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
16th June 2017 





“Playing the right scale enriches a melodious environment than being in-harmonious playing off-scale.
Lynette Gracious Frantz”
15th June 2017





“Expressions gamble over Emotions”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
14th June 2017 





“A toxic tongue rattles as a result of a substandard frame of mind “
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
13th June 2017 





When the day is insane, trust your sanity
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
11th June 2017 





Shooting out through whatever situations and specifications provided defines a balanced strong personality
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
11th June 2017






Boost yourself with a cup of hot chocolate to walk in confidence with an aura of electrifying presence resembling an instinctive tigress wherever you go.
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
2nd June 2017




“Smile through all the schemers you go through “
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
22nd May 2017 





“The choices of a Bold personality is relevant through the choices of the colours and taste they conciliate.” Lynette Gracious Frantz 
6th May 2017 





“Never get frustrated like the Israelites in the desert whenever life is not flowing in your desired direction. Keep aiming, running and jumping over the unwanted hurdles one at a time, as the amount of stress reaching closer to the destination for your triumphant laughter is always tougher”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
2nd May 2017





I have perceived God’s presence throughout my problems, I require problems to perceive His presence 
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
13th March 2017 





We are not destined to adorn a mere circle of love on our fingers, that fact wouldn’t reach the love for the needy, we are destined to be a destiny for the needy with the help of our fingers.
5th April 2017
Lynette Gracious Frantz




“The last leaf from the chapter of your life may have fallen, remember there is an awaiting spring to glide in with blooming joy”
Lynette Gracious Frantz
20th March 2017



“While the Moon fades away to the other side, the Sun rises high to the Morning sky. Smile for the past dark night is shadowed by the present bright morning light”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 
21st March 2017






“Let not their negative attitudes influence you, let your positive attitude influence them”

Lynette Gracious Frantz 20th March 2017





“Grubs mingling around will try to destroy you unaware of you being the good sprouting seed. Don’t let the grubs stunt, weaken and kill you. Grow up strong and mighty planted like the redwoods leaving a notable vision.”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 5/1 /2016



The nomads reign without cherished desires, choices and circumstances travelling from one place to other happily. They never dwell in their past while they never have a future. They rejoice in the present. We need to adapt a nomadic attitude towards the approach of lifestyle.
”Move on from the sites and spots that is affecting your essence of life, pitch your caravan of positive attitude towards life at a safe and secure plateau”
Lynette Gracious Frantz




“I hold on to a God who has the capacity to awaken what’s dead” Lynette Gracious Frantz 15/12017




“If your faith in Jesus dwindles away depending to the human actions, thereupon it defines your eyes being fixed on people in preference to God”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 26/2/2017




“Detach your foolish emotions revolving around self-seekers. When opportunists move away from you in your dead circumstances, unbrace them to move further away from your resurrected circumstances”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 12/1/ 2017



“If our abusive conscience is not convicted,we need to ponder concerning our dubious conversion”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 20/1/2017



Shadows are stiff necked and they travel along with you all over,you require the darkest shadowy experiences to distinctively illuminate yourself by helping the oppressed to sheer joy from despair.”Illuminate before you extinguish”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 1/2/2017.




“Faith included with relationship in the Creator unites His creation,unlike the rigid traditional religious dogmas which creates massive boundaries to shed innocent blood.Collectively we need to stand united from different nations representing various tribes under one banner to make this domain a better haven” …Lynette Gracious Frantz 25/9/2016”





I am a rider strapped into a cage of life’s giant wheel and it revolves around a horizontal axis, this wheel of life lifts me up in a thrill and lowers me down queasily. despite the loathful decline God sustains my internal joy and peace in this pleasure wheel”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 6th February 2017




“Cleaving on to your yesterday is burdensome, it barricades your tomorrow”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 9/2/2017





“When your vision entices you to the mesmerizing surroundings, do not let your feet coordinate to walk you into the concealed quicksand. You get submerged unawares and your struggle to escape out of the situation will pull you deeper into it. Beware of traps”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 9th February 2017!




“An excited hen gets accomplished and relieved to cackle about her laying an egg,easily to be deprived from hatching by her predators.Never cackle before it’s hatched”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 9/1/2017




“If we abide in God’s costless word,we require no cashed counselling”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 19/2/2017



“When you are driving past speculatively in fear towards a transition point in your life,yield to the control of the levers in the hands of the One who has the power of creating the whole existence”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 25/1/2017




“Willingly carry your baggage of burdens while climbing higher through the distractive mountainous criticisms concentrating positively to reach your desired destiny. The challenging climb along with the negative baggage motivates you to utilise the right gears at the right time and at the right opportunity while disciplining you to withstand any kind of situation”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 8/1/ 2017




“Satan gets twitchy in his dark pit when Saints gather together in His tabernacle “
Lynette Gracious Frantz 03/02/2017




“When the heavy depressive clouds roll into our harboured lives, be still like the harboured boats trusting on its anchor until it passes by”
Lynette Gracious Frantz 26th September 2016







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