Leather Love

The impact of the awaiting season through the nature around is exciting, while the anticipated fashionistas are grooming for the Melbourne spring/summer fashion event which is round the corner. Florals of various stitch will embellish to the theme of the season here, while my style would be casual smeared in colors for the season would relate to my routine Monday to Friday working hours.Soft florals and colors would surely be my priority with absolute avoidances from bold florals and vibrant colored dresses to my work place.I surely avoid my image representing as a clown from a circus in an official enclosure.

I proceeded towards home after my working hours rushing to catch up my transportation and I chanced upon this beautiful genuine leather jacket which I had marked on my shopping list since last few years. Back home I do own a bikers sleeveless jacket which can never replace the one which I own now. My affair with genuine leather goods began long time ago while I can never justify the inwardly link to such taste.

Last Friday we friends decided to spend our weekends together indulging in cooking and chatting, though I could not be a part of it due to the completion of my renewal forms. Next morning was a normal day for me and I was dressed up in a casual jeans and top. This weekend I never intended for a photo shoot yet having nothing to do I loaded myself with a lamb skin jacket,a mantle and a micro leather backpack to sneak out with my friend for a walk around the suburb.

Spring has its own charm of arousing the dead atmosphere to life.To project a depth towards my black jacket I held on to the bright colored tribal/boho mantle complementing the season.My style is absolutely street style which   doesn’t abide by any rules which is jeans, leather jacket and boots.The passing of winter was mild so I carried a light hand weaved woolen mantle.

With the beautiful mantle clinging on to me,how could I evade this art from getting imprinted here. My style is a fusion involving feminine modern attire and tribal ethnic work. Their laborious handstitch is grounded in reality with every micro fine stitch running through the cloth which stamps the cause to their premature blindness. The tribal art and its techniques are fine handiwork from strong,confident tribal women striving to earn their livelihood while imparting vibrancy relating to the actual significance of spring.


TANK TOP: Anne Klein, JEANS: Zara, JACKET: Neiman Marcus, BOOTS: Hudson, BAGS: Gucci, SUNGLASSES: MiU MiU

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