Magnetized Modishly In Marsalas

 Drawn towards the weekend emotions of freedom, I realize the reality of  getting caved in around mid week  with enormous volume of assignments and thesis.Despite of the heavy load of written work, I woke up with Marsala in my eyes and subsequently I tip toed into these Marsala heels.

The color Marsala is the talk of the town while last Christmas I had gifted myself with one of those heels which I safely stashed away into my wardrobe.I am hooked with the habit of gifting myself gifts, adorned with beautiful colored wraps and I do unwrap it with the same excitement, it’s a funny pattern while I am aware of every personality owning an immature attitude towards certain things.

My daily walk of life is demandingly robbing away my desired life, at times I am nested with studies and at times I am a juggler between work,university and friends.It’s a fight for my favorable existence, I never whine since I have a choice to stand up on my feet alive and kicking experiencing the new dawn and the dusk bidding adieu.Coexisting I can sense within the environment, people do not have a choice due to the circumstances they unwillingly endure, even if they aspire for a decent living. Magnetize your deeds and Modish yourself by lending a helping hand resembling the qualified Marsala. 

Its a trendy world and trends do fluctuate just as the tidal timings. Six months later since the day of purchase I boldly sported these on the Melbourne streets and I was contended being myself.The joy of living my life respectfully in rapport  to my tastes any day,any time and any season of the year without the dominance of “being in trend” makes me happy.


Lynette x 

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