Nomadic Nostalgia

Dominantly the district of Kutch has captivated the trust and support of people across the world with its exceptional handiwork which is  attributable to the diversified ethnic groups colonized throughout the land. Migrated from different regions and countries the tribes devotedly cling on to their skills preserving it within the community and their families through centuries down the line.

My fascination magnetized towards their unique nomadic lifestyle mainly due to them being wanderers of the land possessing intricate embroideries,mirror work and silver ornaments.

There are many ethnic groups and each one of them are distinctively recognized relating to the specific skills they hold which is carried down right through the generations since centuries .This is affirmed through the folklore they vocalize during the starry night.

I survive being nostalgic with my past rapport that I had nurtured with the families from various ethnic groups. I found them to be affectionate and responsive with their doors always open for me when I landed up longing for a pastoral lifestyle.

In the course of my visit I have collected fabrics with various embroideries embellished with mirrors,coins,buttons,silver and shells. Here I am wearing a wrap skirt,jacket,cap and an anklet which is a combination picked up from two nomadic tribes from the region  known as Rabaris and Jats. I doubt you would find any place in the world where you are privileged to appreciate vibrant handicrafts alive with ethnic groups. The ethnic background of the tribes, their culture,caste and lineage are recognized by their skills.

As my car sped out through the barn way, I could sense my excitement of getting hold of few authentic pieces.Cutting through the desolate roads I chanced upon the rabari nomads pitching their tents which would be their home for another few weeks.Here under the open sky the nomads imprint untold folk tales into tribal motifs that cross the threshold to be stamped as a vintage product which would gain an acclamation decades down the line.

A late post from the year of 2013



Cap: Rabari Banjaran

Jacket: Custom Made

Skirt: Custom Made

Anklet: Anjar

Top: Levi


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