Rejected Railroad

Digging through my photo journals I came across these pictures taken few years back on an abandoned track. At the sight of these tracks my memories retrieved back to an episode which happened a year ago. I never imagined in my wildest dreams to ever wake up  to a traumatic call concerning with the accident of a young lad on a misty day on the same tracks. Few queries that haunted me related to the matter regarding the mysterious death were, Will a young child who has not even scaled to his teens ever have the courage to voluntarily exit from life? Or was he cheated with revenge by camouflaged love.

A beautiful flower plucked away to be crushed without having a chance to bloom to the fullest. There is surely a way out to be nurtured to the fullest through pruning , manuring  and watering to the wildest problematic growth in any situation.

We are all travelling in the similar manner on various tracks. And we surely feel abandoned by our very own family,friends and colleagues at critical points in our life, at this juncture we have no idea what to do. The best option is to stay calm and cling on to the hope we have. Our life is a gift worth living despite of all the critical problems we endure.

Our life’s most important lessons are grasped when we are abandoned alone by the most trusted ones on the tracks we choose to travel.

Although my blog represents fashion I would forever love to fuse it with inspiration. It’s my way of embellishing it.





Shirt: H&C

Jeans: Levi

Glares: Vogue

Shoes: Verrona


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