Saddle up and Gallop valiantly towards the Cup

Saddled up and hopped on to hear the ambient sound of the rhythm from the hoof beats cutting through the wind imparting an enthusiastic environment. While I was awestruck and speechless holding my breath along with the spectators at the nerving moments as the clock was ticking each second of impatience away.Warriors on the track aiming towards the finish line.Every horse being special,while few draw an impact from the word go.

It was the 2016 Melbourne Cup at the Flemington race course,the mega event which attracts horse lovers and race addicts to keep them on their toes from all over the world.Melbourne Cup being one of the most spectacular events in Australia,people grace the occasion in traditional race wear and many attending in amusing exotic costumes and headgears I took the opportunity in dressing myself in a bright red Portmans knee length frock and an Ivory Jacket from HNM.

The most prominent race of the day had begun and there were ten races for the day.Amongst the cheering and the noisy crowds,engulfing an air of mixed emotions as the horses draw closer to the finish line,the crowds holding their breath gather close with their camera phones stretched out for the final moments.Avoiding all the distractions scintillating swiftly cutting past through one at a time like a lightning striking to a thrilling finish was this brawny and rapid Almandin. Almandin was confident in himself and his jockey without his blinkers to stay focused neglecting all the distractions from the noisy stands and also from the fear of the beats sounding from the competitive hoofs advancing closer.He stubbornly concentrated on the finish line being obedient to the signals through his reins by the Jockey.He gave a tough fight.Heartbreak City is heartbroken as Almandin leaps half a head ahead of Heartbreak City triumphantly.

A memorable event came to the end,Almandin at the Grand Stand awaiting his cup for the  tough race he had run after a lot of training added with physical and emotional frictions.The rest couldn’t make it which makes me sad regarding their fate at the hands of their owners.They would be surely dealt according to their performance on the track,few are euthanized and few end up in slaughter houses,while few are blessed to live happily in ranches with compassionate owners.

 Almandin’s focused hoofs galloping right into my heart will be a heroic example to follow for the rest of my life.Our life is a race course and all of us are assigned to gallop different races controlled by the reins of our jockeys .We experience the tough educational race,economical race,family race,social race and the most significant spiritual race.Distractions in various forms will surely be a hurdle on the tracks,distractions from the past failures,toxic environment,negative family,negative friends and negative societies.Sometimes we trip due to our unfocused aim falling into numerous addictions robbing us away from the Cup.

Preparing and reforming ourselves,putting on the blinkers pursue your dreams,without getting distracted in our thoughts,actions and deeds,coexisting harmoniously with our fellow contestants.Galloping the physical race with integrity in our earthly racecourse at different venues and races will surely determine our entitlement to the heavenly cup when our souls leave this earthly ranch and stand at the Grand Stand facing our Creator giving accountability to the races we ran.

Departing away from the Grand Stand with a principal query thrown at myself, Am I galloping strikingly towards the finish line??

Lynette x













Shoes: Catwalk

Dress: Portmans

Jacket: HnM

Fascinator: Lovisa

Watch: Titan

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