Spying The Spykar Bag

Pin your ears back, mom’s voice shrilled from a distance her eyes straight through the viewfinder capturing me while her ears like a radar heard the train slowly advancing closer. The goods train guard leaned out to warn us regarding the dangers on the track while I smiling waved him back saying, we are totally aware of the consequences.

Since few weeks I was surviving through the deprivation of neglecting my photo-shoots, you might be thoroughly aware of the discomfort a person experiences when matters do not progress according to their desire. The thoughts of the Red Tape shoes and the Spykar bag were tormenting me to get into the pictures, while the days were gliding past through various forms of occupied commitments. Finally I coaxed my mom for this concept without the knowledge of my dad. My dad has a Masters in Discernment 😉 . Just in case if we informed dad about the location,we  have to firstly undergo his lectures for an hour. We mostly avoid informing my dad regarding the locations. It is inherent and instinctive regarding Dad being vigilant, cautious and suspicious.

The clothing from the past displays outstandingly in my wardrobe tracing me to my dad’s bachelor lifestyle. The pants on me are unique and its a tailored piece which is from the year of 1978 that belongs to my dad. The material consists of tight twill cotton weave. Twill woven cloth owns a significant diagonal pattern to it and will invariably appear different on one side. I have altered it marginally to fit into it.

The genuine leather vest is from Telegana Hyderabad from the year 1995.The style is timeless and the material is long lasting.  I backtrack to two decades to know my mom graced it attractively on skirts.

My passion towards bags drag me to various stores and I get romanced to bags from the civilizations of a particular period and place. Spykar, Woodlands and Levi connected appropriately to my penchant. I am holding on to a Spykar edition from 2007.

My footwear is from Red Tape, I have a series of Red Tape shoes. I could testify explaining it as, ” Even if you desire to see it battered for another pair, it does not leave your feet easily “. These shoes are sturdy and  durable, while the brand is recognized for it’s unique comfort. The product owns unmatched quality and skilled craftsmanship.

This Photo shoot was clicked way  before  the laws were induced by the government. Photography on the tracks,platforms and inside the train has been prohibited. If caught,you would be charged a hefty amount.

This photo shoot is from my journal Kutch Adventures from the year of 2011.



I Cling Fondly For : The pant is from another period and the material is twill woven cotton cloth. For the top is cotton and the beautiful vest is genuine leather. The shoes are durable and long lasting. The bag is totally unique, and its made up of jute.

The Value of Fabric : The Top is made up of linen and  it is comfortable and soft. The pants are  twill cotton which is soft and comfortable. The  vest is genuine leather , it is long lasting and the shade is beautiful. 

If I Could Change One Thing :  I wouldn’t change anything , it is perfect.



I Wore: Tailored Twill Cotton Pants

Bag:  Spykar

Foot wear: Red Tape

Jacket: Hyderabad Leather market

Sunglasses: Wayfarer Rayban

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