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The force by which certain style and clothing pulls you strongly by some psychological or physical direction lingers towards it until you try hard to own it.I have lived through such situations a number of times. It was during one of my trips to Agra,unfortunately we planned a summer trip which turned out to be exhaustive. Agra being a beautiful city with a historical background we missed a lot of adventure due to the extreme weather.I was at the esteemed Taj Mahal. Standing afar and looking at the magnificent monument set me up into an emotional phase. Its mesmerizing and I was speechless at the beauty of the handiwork by the artisans of that period.I started walking to the monument accompanied by my friends and few tourist who needed help with few translations.They wore clothing which wasn’t a common sight here.I instantly loved the style ,the look and the material.It always occurs with me ,when I see certain kind of clothing,the fit and the material I feel “Oh that’s my taste”.Now in those days it was impossible to get that style here,which is Boho in organic and linen.Subsequently I was living with the images of those tourist in beautiful soft pastel colored Boho style.Years later I didn’t abandon the boho thoughts. Here comes the Internet which drew the world into my fist.Searching words,places,style and people I finally own few sets of these organic Eco friendly clothing. As the material is simple with pastel colors it isn’t everybody’s pick.Its a warmer day and picked out these pale ivory linen ankle lengthy pants and matched it with pearl beaded top. Typically it is a must to match my handbags with my attire,this day due to the subdued colored pants and blouse I went for a striking hand embroidered clutch.
Lynette x





Shoes: Hush Puppies

Pants: Monte Carlo

Top: Anne K

Bag: Kutchi hand-weaved by artisans

Sunglasses: Vogue


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