The Red Neck Girl

Photographs are the only link which connects your sentiments to your bygone days. I am enormously wrapped inside the files of numerous hard disks which I keep unwrapping over my confined wintry nights of Melbourne. These photographs are the only link that ports me to the word “Once Upon A Time”.

I loyally get impressive to my God when I turn the leaves of my chapter from 1992 to the present age, it is still a fantastic statement of my artistic presence here on this earth on behalf of my testimonials that has converted into my  magazine, which is most sensitively attuned to the human condition around me.

Glimpses of me wandering near the small rocky wilderness without any habitat for miles around reels up through my mind frame projected like a movie projector. I do recall the moment when my heart pounds faster calculating to the unexpected encounters involved. The biggest inconvenience travelling to remote places through thorny land involves the fear of flat tires, while reaching a savior destination relates perfectly to the oasis in the desert.Our imminent drive hurls  its gloomy shadow over our commonly unstructured days.

 My current post concerning pleated skirts falls on the reason I have been lately observing the creeping style of accordion pleated skirts capturing the fashion platform of 2017,and I instantly recognized the style I had graced few years ago in 2011 and holding different patterns in the form of frocks and skirts. 




I Cling Fondly For : The 1920’s style skirt is from Chanel 1990’s. It’s a Coral pleat chiffon midi skirt. The skirt is absolutely perfect for those Spring/Summer evenings.

The Value of Fabric : Is  made of pure chiffon with other sheer material to  swish and sway in very twenties way while the high-neck top is in breezy cotton-blend poplin.

If I Could Change One Thing :  It would be the length of the skirt, My inner conscience baffles at the sight of Midis.


I Wore:  Chanel

Foot wear: Delhi Connaught market 

Top: Pepe

Sunglasses: Wayfarer Rayban

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