The Red Walled Blunder

The day my perfectionist mind aligned with my foolish decisions it disoriented me from my visualized concept, it proves my human mind can be deceptive if I submit my desires to an emotional decision.Nevertheless I cannot overcome the thought of me leaning on to the red wall for the entire period in these pictures, What made me glue to the wall ?

On my way to the university, I have to cross over a theater known as  MovieGo 3, the homemade Ice cream stall  at the corner was my all time favorite since the product is right from his kitchen table.Relishing on my favorite desert I noticed the freshly painted block-off which was bright red in color, my kiddish mind gleamingly matched up my clothing to the wall for another photographic journal. Red on Red 🙂 that entrapped me into a mysterious, peculiar girl.

This post is nearly two years old, my Facebook addiction during the past had driven me to be in style mode accumulating pictures in various style.

I fell in love with these red high waist pants from Liz Claiborne 20o5, the color red seizes attention.Shopping for a decent fit which is in normal cut would stand class apart from the baggy style. What would I pair with these red pants? It would be a simple affair with a navy blue polka quarter sleeve lined jacket and a floral inner which can potentially set me apart from the crowd.

You could always have your choice from your wardrobe, pick up shades like ivory or a beige shirt while you can even opt for a blouse. In my vantage point there are few tones of red which looks horrible when paired with black and white, I stay cautious regarding to the combination factor with my red garments.

Few years down the line, looking at the pictures I smile at my negotiation with the circumstances I chanced upon.My pictures would have been outstanding if I had exclusively selected my location wisely . In our routine discipline we may be drawn unawares to the fascinating,tempting situations.Beware of getting captured by your foolish decisions to recognize yourself getting glued into mysterious and suspenseful consequences, distorting  your future down the line.






Pairing it up with a short Calvin Klein navy blue polka dot jacket from the 1990’s  gave my outfit a smarter tone,which helps in depressing the deep reddish impression.


Stand out amidst other stylish civilians in a red straight fit trouser.The red trouser can be paired decently with other shades, I particularly chose navy. Just in case  if you have planned out for an evening dinner or a party, you can enlighten your trouser with a navy blazer or with any other bright colored top. Red is already deep,  keeping it casual would be pleasing to the eyes.


I Polished off the ensemble with a dark black woodlands ballerinas. According to my preference black will seamlessly integrate with the whole outfit.



As a kid,to be in Vogue I have always admired and desired to own a Vogue eye wear.On a sunny day you would find me in frames. Invest in your shades with UV protection, you can easily own few of these with smart shopping.




I Cling Fondly For : The red pant is a Liz Claiborne design with a straight cut.The length of the pant is comfy with enough room to breathe in.The navy polka jacket is 20 year old which I would treasure it down the line. The reason I love the Jacket’s short sleeve and its length is for the timely escape I access to the parties over heavy clothing during the onset of winters.Marry a blue polka dot jacket with red straight fit trouser or a jean for a party look. Rock a pair of black or tanned leather shoes for a feminine personality.

The Value of Fabric : The pant is made up of high quality cotton.It is soft  with higher thread count. The jacket is designed utilizing a beautiful fabric which is silk Georgette that owns a grainy texture, providing a sheer feel while its light weight.It is a durable fabric if maintained well.

If I Could Change One Thing : It would surely be the length of my trouser since I fancy ankle length pants. 


I Wore: Liz Claiborne Red Pants

Jacket:  Calvin Klein

Sunglass : Vogue

Foot wear: Woodlands




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