Uncle Zacks’ Willy

I leaped awestruck towards the fence marveling the Gothic jeep accelerating faster from our lane.The jeep and the owner both emoted being from the English war movies.Later on I came to know we shared the same person who helps around our homes which caused me to smile with a motive germinating in my mind.

One can see Uncle Zack speeding on the roads with his antique Macho Machine which is also known as the “Willy”.Every eye turns to see them drive past since this was the first one in the town and it was out of the ordinary.At home we watch a lot of war movies and once you get addicted to True War Movies we automatically fall in love with anything related to it.

There goes a saying “When the cats are away the rats will play”, so Uncle Zack out of the town and our helping hand with this Willy at my doorstep for a photography evening.I take this opportunity to thank uncle Zack for the Willy and adding my sincere apologies towards you for not being notified. 😉

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