Walk Right In Dhoti Pajamas

The heat wave was forceful and harsh this summer,and I had no other option rather than merely preferring these linen patched up Dhoti salwar identified as tulip pants.The design is stitched in a traditional classic style refined from its cultural and religious specimen. The material is linen and that is airy, adequate to beat this heat.

The dhoti developed from the ancient anatariya which cross across through the legs, tucked at the back  enveloping the legs loosely,subsequently flowed into long pleats at front of the legs.Its billowing on top, narrow at the ankles  with layers of  fabric. Appropriate for summers, springs and autumns as well, Dhoti salwars are amazingly comfortable.You can transform your downtown look into a fantastic fashion by trying some indo-western style with long jackets or crop top.

Considering my nomadic heart I absolutely fall in love with nomadic styles.Presently, I have worn a self designed Dhoti salwar,the material is linen and paired it with Westside Linen top.The footwear is from my collection bought from local artisans from Anjar.It is hand stitched from raw leather.The Jacket is a hand embroidered treasure from my Grandmother’s chest passed on to me ,it was bought by her during the year of 1986. The kalamkari applique bag is stitched by local artisans of Bhuj.You can pair your dhoti salwar with  crop tops, jackets, spaghetti, a kurta according your preferences.

I adoringly adapt attires of various styles in agreement to the changing seasons, entirely taking care of my comfort in preference to the  appropriate fit.In this style a few years ago I was on the heavier side and the appearance considers to be decent.Do not hesitate to try out styles modestly with comfort since your satisfaction and joy matters above the presentation to the public.

This post is  clicked on 25/11/2011


I Cling Fondly For : The overall comfort this dhoti salwar provides, since the fabric is pure linen it is cool providing all the softness to hold me cool from the humid aggravation.The natural flax fibers assist to taper moisture away from my skin.The same goes with the linen top from Westside.

The Value of Fabric : The high-end  durability seldom found in other materials can be obtained with this fabric.I respect the hand weaved products from laborious artisans weaved with all their perspiring efforts for our healthy lifestyle. 

If I Could Change One Thing : It would be the marks left by the wrinkles. The tricky difficult ironing procedure is one of those tasks that has a tendency to be a bit distressing.

Solving The Problem: Take inexpensive spray bottle with clean water to dampen the clothes,roll and keep aside for 10 minutes.Use high heat and plenty of steam which is required for ironing linen.The iron used should be equipped to produce both.Ironing linen demands a steady and even hand.Take care from scorching the fabric with the iron moving constantly and smoothly.


I Wore : Tulip Pants/Dhoti Salwar from Mother’s Sandhook

Top: Westside

Jacket: Handcrafted by Kutchi artisans

Mojri’s: Hand-stitched by local kutchi cobbler

Bag: Khamir 

Sunglasses: Vogue









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