When Summer Comes Around

Eventually I am relieved to obtain a break after two long months from my busy schedule, I had been looking forward and planning with my friend for a photo shoot. Somehow our timings clashed with numerous obstacles blocking our informal meeting. While preferably I was planning a long vacation which never happened resulting in home sickness. Everyone leans forward to various kind of addictive hobbies to escape from the pressure of stress, while I constantly tend to head towards photography which is my passionate obsession.

The weather which I dislike has rolled in and the temperatures here are soaring high with occasional hot spells that can stretch for a week. We have summers from December to February while the city being always unpredictable with untimely showers. The sun is intensifying in high spirits blazing at it’s best while scorching us to suffocation. In Spite of the bad weather I decided to make it to the place as planned earlier. My outings on any warmer day would be in Hemp organic clothing as I can stay comfortable and cool in it. These clothing are designed in plain earthy colors without any imprints. We sway in different garments through the nature’s tunes and it’s a usual flow of life. Teaming up my hemmed linen kurti with linen wide legged pants and stonewashed jeans is my all time favorite for a hot summer day,  I would style my look with Morjris and Jhola bag for city strolls or a nice pair of ankle straps with a classy hangbag for brunch with friends. I preferred venturing few places to capture beauty that’s around the city. Favorable possibilities are always present in different ways for us, while we need to recognize making efforts to involve and acquire our joy within in spite of the humid situations. External situations does not contain the power to fleece our joy which is developed internally. External humidity like the fear of failure, fear of babblers, economical fear, fear of positions in the society etc should not be the reason to destroy our inner peace. As we are helpless to stop the natural conditions like the summer gliding past to the fall, we can never stop certain humid conditions from the people of the world.We can make the change by staying cool and robing internally with the adornment of peace,love,patience and kindness. Robing ourselves with the cool garments of praise through the scorching season will protect us from dehydrating internally to withstand the scorched external situations.

Lynette x

Kurti: Westside

Ankle Straps: Lipstik

Sunglasses: Idee

Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Jeans: Jealous21

Lipstick: Kylie Jenner (Moon)

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